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StratHR Solutions Inc. is a bilingual multifaceted HR Management Hub that brings together various teams of HR and training experts to provide hands-on, practical, and innovative, strategic, HR & Labor Relations Management Support, DEI Training, Outplacement/Career Management Services to individual and businesses of any size, in any sector across Canada and the United States.
Our team is always available for all your training and HRIS implementation processes, and for any French and English translations you may need.

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Unlock Your DEI Potential: StratHR Solutions Delivers Bilingual Expertise and Regulatory Compliance. Contact us today for comprehensive DEI training and pay equity solutions spanning both Canada and the United States.

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Narrowing The Gender Gap

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In the face of domestic violence’s darkness, always remember: You have the strength to author your own story of healing and growth. The Narrowing the Gender Gap (NGG) is here to provide support, guidance, and a safe path to recovery



N.G.G TRAINING (Narrowing The Gender Gap)

Welcome! Check out our new and free nationwide bilingual employability training for the survivors of domestic violence.