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What kind of candidates are we offering?

NGG has a pool of remarkable professional trained women eager to contribute their skills and dedication to companies like yours and in any industry or position. These professional women are highly motivated, technically proficient, and ready to step into roles where their talents and skills can make an impact to your company growth.

What role are we training for?

Our candidates possess diverse skills in fields like administrative support, law, project management, trades, banking, marketing, IT, engineering, and more. We’re confident they can be a valuable asset to your team. We are the answer to your labour shortage and high turnover challenges at no cost.

What is the employer financial commitment?

Collaborate with NGG to empower women and eradicate poverty in Canada. Benefit from tailored candidate training, a cost-free 6-week trial period with prevailing wages, and seamless full-time hires. NGG streamlines the process, matching you with the right candidate at no cost, and offers ongoing training support. Make a meaningful impact on women’s lives while enhancing your workforce efficiently.

How many candidates can be trained?

Employer can request unlimited number of tailored trained candidates for various positions as needed, all with the same comprehensive free services.

Want More Details About Candidates?

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