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Narrowing the Gender Gap (NGG) is the newest national training initiative of StratHR Solutions Inc. NGG training program is partly funded by the Government of Canada to equip women with skills for success across Canada.

This training program is free for all women including survivors or victims of domestic violence.

NGG empowers and provides participants with the skills to participate and thrive in learning, work and life.

Are you a woman considering making a career change, reskilling or upskilling in the new normal where job landscape shifts are unprecedented? The NGG training program is tailored for you to navigate the new job landscape shift.

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Next Cohort May 2024

Past Cohorts

Partially Funded By The Government of Canada

The Narrowing the Gender Gap Training Program has two career pathways:

Employment Pathway Entrepreneurship Pathway

The Employment Pathway is designed for women who want to re-enter the workforce and need help with how to proceed. The primary purpose of this group is to teach the proper knowledge to make them employable and help them gain and maintain employment.

The Entrepreneurship Pathway is designed for Women keen on starting or growing a business they already have. The focus of this group is to empower the women who participate to become successful and grow their businesses to great heights.

Maximizing Potentials - Overcoming Shame - Restoring Dignity

NGG is a free bilingual and national job readiness program designed to train, equip and support Canadian women impacted by domestic violence, intimate partner violence and or family violence with employability skills for success. 

Effective and Result Driven Career Coaching Virtually or in Person

“4 out of 5 candidates from StratHR indicate that their executive coaching sessions had the greatest impact on their success.”
Losing a job and finding the next is one of the most difficult transitions a person can go through. Especially today, when the job search is nothing like it used to be.