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An affordable, flexible, and reliable solution to meet ALL your HR and labour relations needs for a fixed monthly fee. Clients can access qualified and knowledgeable HR professionals just by phone call or email away. Your HR advisor is perfect for non-profits and small to medium-sized companies that either do not. have an in-house HR department or have one but need a little extra support.


Sometimes you need A-list talent but can’t justify the full-time expense. Or maybe you have a parental leave to cover or a personnel transition to address. Whatever the case, our virtual and interim management offering lets you augment, back-fill or outsource the required skills.


Management Development, Health & Safety and e-Learning training courses help your organization demonstrate compliance with employment law and health and safety legislation.


StratHR’s Organizational Compliance Assessment (OCA) refers to the complex set of processes used to assess an organization’s current standing regarding legislative acts and regulation compliance. OCA’s are proactive assessments to ensure a business is current and compliant. If the organization is not, StratHR will provide a comprehensive overview of what the organization needs to adopt, implement and monitor immediately, along with what is recommended to look into in the coming months. It’s an integrated approach to business problems.

We can help your organization with...

  • Bilingual Employee Handbooks (day-to-day policies, procedures and practices)
  • Bilingual Workplace Safety and Health (policies, programs, training, etc…)
  • Bilingual Employment Standards (policies, pay practices, day-to-day practices, etc…) 
  • Bilingual Human Rights (policies, procedures, etc…) 
  • Bilingual Collective Agreement 


All of the HR support and documentation that you need in one smart package. Our Retained HR Services package provides comprehensive HR support, all the documents you need, and the peace of mind from knowing your business is protected.

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Diversity – Equity and Inclusion

1hr – Price varies
As a StratHR Solutions client, you and your HR team will have access to a wealth of research and exclusive discounts on specialized team training and individual coaching. This insight and instruction will, first, make you more aware of bias and then outline practical actions to overcome it, such as creating inclusive workplace cultures and actively recruiting for diversity.

HR Risk Audit

15min – Free
This audit is designed to ask you questions about your business to enable us to identify any risk to you as a business and, more importantly, provide you guidance and support as to how we can help your bottom line. The question will take 10-15 minutes to compile, and we encourage you to complete them in one attempt. Upon completion of the audit, we will compile a report summarising your responses and providing you with recommendations. Please be assured that we will only use your details to follow up on your answers if needed and supply you with a custom-tailored report for your organization. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

Interim Payroll

8hr – Price varies