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HR Management on Speed Dial

An affordable, flexible, and reliable, solution to meet ALL your HR and labor relations needs for a fixed monthly fee. Clients have access to qualified and knowledgeable HR professionals just a phone call or email away. Your HR Advisor is perfect for non-profits, small to medium sized companies that either do not have an in-house HR department or have one but need a little extra support.

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Need additional funds to hire StratHR Solutions to train your  team? 

We have helped clients access over  $400,000.00 in provincial and federal grants funding that paid in part, or all of the  services we provided.  

 Did you know that there are provincial training grants available for ALL qualifying Manitoba businesses? Our team has experience with searching and applying for these grants. 

For a small fee and a commitment to hire StratHR Solutions to provide your team HR and Workplace Safety and Health and SMS related training, we can help your organization access up to $10,000.00 per employee.

Management Development, Health & Safety and e-Learning training courses help your organization demonstrate compliance with employment law and health and safety legislation. 

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Do you Know the price of ignoring employees' complaints?

Competitive Workplace Investigation Price! 

StratHR Solutions’ HR experts are professionally trained and apply best practices in workplace investigations to ensure a fair process. Our investigations and reports are thorough, and result in recommendations that employers can rely upon with confidence when they are making their final decision. For more information regarding an organization’s obligation to conduct thorough and impartial investigations, click one of the logos below. 

Compliance Assessments Are your organizational policies up to date?If not, it could cost you thousands in lawsuits.

StratHR’s Organizational Compliance Assessment (OCA) refers to the complex set of processes that are used to assess an organization’s current standing in terms of legislative acts and regulation compliance. OCA’s are proactive assessments to ensure that a business is current and compliant. If the organization is not, StratHR will provide a comprehensive overview of what the organization needs to adopt, implement and monitor immediately, along with what is recommended that they look into in the coming months. It’s an integrated approach to business problems.


Bilingual Employee Handbooks (day to day policies, procedures and practices)

Bilingual Workplace Safety and Health (policies, programs, training etc…)

Bilingual Employment Standards (policies, pay practices, day to day practices etc…) 

Bilingual Human Rights (policies, practices etc…) 

Bilingual Collective Agreement 

Industrial/Labor Relations Consulting "Erroneous assumptions can be disastrous."Peter Drucker"

Our proactive bilingual Labor relations consulting are twofold:

1- Proactive Labour Relations Consulting: Preventive Measures

2- Reactive Labor Relations Consulting: Corrective Measures

Our Approach

StratHR will provide you with a choice of solutions ranging from a variety of consultancy choices, to top level legal services from some of Canadian leading law firms specialized in Canadian as well as international labor relations issues.

Whatever your labor relations problems are, we will work with you to resolve those problems.