An Answer To Everything HR

Who We Are

StratHR Solutions Inc. is a bilingual multi-provincial HR Management Hub that brings together various teams of HR and training experts to provide hands-on, innovative, and strategic HR & Labor Relations Management Support, DEI Training, Outplacement /Career Management Services to individuals and businesses of any size, in any sector across Canada and the United States.
Our five divisions (Training, Interim Staffing, Employee & Labor Relations, Payroll and Accounting, and Outplacement/Career Management Services) provide our clients with solutions and complimentary service options to meet their training, HRM & HRIS needs.
Our bilingual HR team ensures your organization complies with all legislative requirements regarding day-to-day operations and employee relations concerns. We help organizations accomplish this by providing on-site and virtual support, customized training, workplace investigations and representation if an organization needs to part ways with a team member or receives Employment Standards, Human Rights, and Workplace Safety and Health related complaints.
Our team is also available for all your training and HRIS implementation processes and for any French and English translations you may need.


StratHR Solutions Inc is a Consulting firm born out of hardship, tragedies and a passion for equipping individuals, especially women and small business owners, with tools and foundational and transferable skills to excel at work and their industry.
We are driven by the dedication and commitment to have a skilled, Up-to-date and inclusive workforce in North America. We are global career experts.
We have over 20 years of experience in human resources management, professional and leadership training, business development, career management and talent strategy. We put over five people to work daily, conducting over 1000 interviews per year and successfully transitioned more than 100 people into new roles during the pandemic. We provide enhanced training and skill development to break down career and employment barriers.
Our motto is: “How Can We Help You?” Which expresses our commitment to elevating people’s skills that enhance their employability leading to their full potential.